Here's what PixelHobby customers are saying...

"I love PixelHobby. Designing is really fun. I could do that part forever. And placing the pixels is very relaxing. I have a little system set up so I can enjoy TV and work on my pixels without having a lot of supplies spread out everywhere."

Jan B., Ohio

"What a fun, new and innovative way to create and display pictures. I was delighted with the results of my very first design! Ordering is an cinch, too, with the PixelHobby Designer Lite Program."

Kathy B., Tucson, Arizona

"Pixel hobby - what a great craft! Fun and easy to understand and the finished project is a unique, beautiful picture. It's like putting together a little jigsaw puzzle without taking up the entire kitchen table."

S.R.B., Oregon

"I really really enjoyed doing this craft. It is so easy to do that even my children ages 11 and 9 (boy and girl) were able to do it. They now want to do their own project. I find that when I get started on a picture I don't want to put it down because as you finish each base plate your picture starts to come to life. When you get all the base plates finished and put together, stand back about three feet and take a look at your finished piece. Wow..Amazing...Just Amazing...."

Heidi C., Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

"Pixel Hobby is a fascinating craft and could become very adictive. It is fascinating to see the pattern become a picture. I found myself trying to anticipate what the next chart would do to the picture. I have done sequin art on shirts but it didn't trap me like pixel art. Even just creating from the designer software is fascinating."

Beverly H., Oregon

"When looking for a fun alternative to counted cross stitch, I found Pixel Hobby. I have been an avid cross stitcher since 1982, and after doing Pixel Hobby, I am addicted!! I absolutely love how I can finally do different pictures than those found in the craft stores, and with such beautiful results. I can make a 20" x 25" piece in about 3 weeks. If I were to cross stitch that size, I would be stitching for about a year. With the beautiful pallatte of colors available, the detail is wonderful with Pixel Hobby. The finished look is absolutely breathtaking. To me, the finished piece looks like a cross between painting and cross stitch. You must give this new craft a try, you WON'T be dissapointed. You will be wanting more and more."

Chery S., Illinois

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